Best Paper Awards
ASIAN MMS 2024 presents three distinct categories of prestigious awards as outlined below:
Best Research Paper Award
The IFToMM Best Research Paper Award acknowledges a remarkable accomplishment in any field associated with IFToMM. The achievement must represent a significant advancement that has laid the foundation for subsequent work or is anticipated to do so. This can encompass inventions, experimental discoveries, theoretical developments, or the establishment of methodological or software frameworks.
Best Application Paper Award
The IFToMM Best Application Paper Award recognizes a highly noteworthy application in any field related to IFToMM. The application should demonstrate a substantial advancement that has been successfully implemented and yielded exceptional results in a practical setting. This can encompass methodologies, techniques, design solutions, experiments, and/or software frameworks that have been validated on real systems, exhibiting impressive performance.
Best Student Paper Award
The IFToMM Best Student Paper Award acknowledges a remarkably significant achievement in any field associated with IFToMM that arises from the work of a student or student-led team. The achievement should represent a substantial outcome upon which subsequent work has been or will be based. This can include work conducted solely by a young author, preferably a student, or work conducted by a team in which one or more young authors have played an essential role.
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